• Wedding Planning

The Devils In The Detail When It Comes To Your Wedding

We could spend years planning our big days and it still wouldn’t be long enough! The dress is just the beginning, after that you have the guest list, the venue, the food, the flowers, the parking…it never ends! Accessorise that diamond ring with a thinking cap and get the details pinned down early if you […]

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  • Wedding Gowns

Preserving Your Wedding Gown

You have probably put in a lot of effort into finding just the right wedding gown for your big day. So what happens after the wedding? What do you do with your precious wedding gown? There are several options. If you intend to preserve your wedding gown for your daughter or just for memory you […]

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  • Wedding Flowers

Say It With Flowers

Weddings are not complete without flowers. Throughout the centuries and in all cultures, flowers are a big part of weddings. Choosing Your Wedding Flowers You and your spouse-to-be need to consider the kind of flowers you want for your wedding. Do you want roses or a different kind? You need to also consider the cost […]

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  • Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Parents of the Groom

If You’re the Parents of the Groom Traditionally, the parents of the groom do not give speeches. However, many weddings nowadays allow for the couple’s loved ones to give speeches. When the parents of the groom give their speech, they usually deliver it after speeches by the parents of the bride, groom and best man. […]

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  • Wedding Extras

Wedding Quotations

Throughout the centuries, many things have been said about love and marriage. Why not use a famous quote to tell everyone how much you love each other and how much you’re both looking forward to starting life as one? Include a quote or two in your wedding invitations, thank you note, or wedding favors or […]

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A Destination for Celebration – Choosing your Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding day should be as joyous, momentous and memorable as you wish it to be; a day of celebration and happiness. Careful planning will help to ensure that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible for you and your guests, and one of the most important choices is that of your wedding venue. […]

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