• Wedding Themes & Ideas

Doing It Like Shakespeare: Tips for an Elizabethan Theme Wedding

If you and your future husband are fans of William Shakespeare, you might want to consider having an Elizabethan theme wedding. Shakespeare had it! Here are a few tips to lend your own Elizabeth theme wedding some authenticity: The wedding dress: In Elizabethan times, a bride didn’t wear white on her wedding day. Instead, she’d […]

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  • Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Parents of the Bride

If You’re the Parents of the Bride: Traditionally, the parents of the bride speech (or father of the bride speech) is the first speech delivered at the reception. As the bride’s parents, you may decide to have one of you to deliver the speech (usually the father) or share in the delivery. Here’s a quick […]

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  • Honeymoon Travel

6 Tips To Help You Plan Your Honeymoon

The groom traditionally plans the honeymoon. However, most brides prefer to be in on the honeymoon plans so that they can prepare ahead too. Here are some things the two of you need to discuss when planning your honeymoon. The honeymoon budget: The groom usually pays for the honeymoon so it is important that you […]

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  • Wedding Customs

Origins of the Wedding Veil

The wedding veil is common among different traditional weddings. It may differ from one wedding to another, but the wedding veil is present in traditional weddings. One of the origins of the wedding veil is said to date back centuries ago when the groom and his friends would throw a blanket over the bride and […]

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  • Wedding Planning

The Devils In The Detail When It Comes To Your Wedding

We could spend years planning our big days and it still wouldn’t be long enough! The dress is just the beginning, after that you have the guest list, the venue, the food, the flowers, the parking…it never ends! Accessorise that diamond ring with a thinking cap and get the details pinned down early if you […]

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  • Wedding Gowns

Preserving Your Wedding Gown

You have probably put in a lot of effort into finding just the right wedding gown for your big day. So what happens after the wedding? What do you do with your precious wedding gown? There are several options. If you intend to preserve your wedding gown for your daughter or just for memory you […]

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