• Wedding Extras

Wedding Insurance – Protect Yourself, Be Insured

With the high cost involved in hiring professional vendors and the cost of the other components of your wedding, it is a very prudent idea to invest some cash into a good wedding insurance policy. The question of whether or not to purchase a wedding insurance policy is one of personal preference. Some argue that […]

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  • Wedding Themes & Ideas

How to Pull Off a Medieval Theme Wedding

It was in the Middle Ages that many of the wedding customs and traditions we know today have their origins. If you and future hubby decide to go for a medieval theme wedding, here are some tips to give it authenticity: The bride’s looks: In the Middle Ages, the bride wears her hair loose, with […]

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  • Reception Ideas

12 Ways to Give Your Wedding Reception a Stellar Touch

The rich and famous aren’t the only ones who can create a breath taking wedding reception. Here are some simple and not-so-simple things some famous couples did to make their wedding reception stellar! Announce your entrance to the reception hall with a blast of trumpets. Entertain guests with live music; violinists, string quartet, flutists. Stars […]

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  • Wedding Music

Write a Romantic Soundtrack to Your Special Day

Music plays a very important part in the human psyche and the sounds you surround your wedding celebration with can evoke warm memories for years to come. When choosing the style of music to be played at your wedding, you have a multitude of choices. If the budget allows it, there is always the added […]

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  • Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Maid of Honor

If You’re the Maid of Honor Traditionally, the maid of honor does not give speeches. However, many weddings nowadays allow for the maid of honor to share her thoughts about the new couple and offer them her best wishes. When a maid of honor gives a speech, she usually delivers hers after speeches by the […]

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  • Wedding Gowns

Preserving Your Wedding Gown

You have probably put in a lot of effort into finding just the right wedding gown for your big day. So what happens after the wedding? What do you do with your precious wedding gown? There are several options. If you intend to preserve your wedding gown for your daughter or just for memory you […]

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