• Wedding Customs

Wedding Superstitions and Urban Legends

Superstitions and urban legends abound — in societies and cultures, and in nearly all aspects of life. Weddings are not exempt. Here are several wedding superstitions and urban legends. How many are you familiar with? Combining red and white flowers is avoided because it is believed that it signifies blood and bandages. The reason bridesmaids are […]

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  • Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Parents of the Groom

If You’re the Parents of the Groom Traditionally, the parents of the groom do not give speeches. However, many weddings nowadays allow for the couple’s loved ones to give speeches. When the parents of the groom give their speech, they usually deliver it after speeches by the parents of the bride, groom and best man. […]

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  • Wedding Finances

Staying Within Your Wedding Budget

Planning and organizing a wedding budget can greatly reduce the stress of putting together a wedding. The very thought of a wedding conjures up images of finery and elegance, music and dance, fun, frolic and lavish spreads. However, all the extravagance can cost quite a pretty penny. Thus, whatever the size and style of the […]

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  • Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers: Determining What You Need

Wedding flowers make up a large part of the wedding decoration. When you talk about wedding flowers, you don’t mean the flowers for the wedding reception only. Wedding flowers also include the bride’s bouquet, corsages, attendants’ flowers and all the other flowers you need throughout the wedding ceremony. Here are some things to keep in […]

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  • Wedding Planning

The Devils In The Detail When It Comes To Your Wedding

We could spend years planning our big days and it still wouldn’t be long enough! The dress is just the beginning, after that you have the guest list, the venue, the food, the flowers, the parking…it never ends! Accessorise that diamond ring with a thinking cap and get the details pinned down early if you […]

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  • Honeymoon Travel

6 Tips To Help You Plan Your Honeymoon

The groom traditionally plans the honeymoon. However, most brides prefer to be in on the honeymoon plans so that they can prepare ahead too. Here are some things the two of you need to discuss when planning your honeymoon. The honeymoon budget: The groom usually pays for the honeymoon so it is important that you […]

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