Say It With Flowers

Weddings are not complete without flowers. Throughout the centuries and in all cultures, flowers are a big part of weddings.

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

You and your spouse-to-be need to consider the kind of flowers you want for your wedding. Do you want roses or a different kind? You need to also consider the cost of the flowers. Some flowers are very expensive and may affect your budget. For this reason, it’s good to have an alternative or a second choice of the kind of flowers you want. How many bouquets will be used and where will the flowers be decorated on? Do the flowers you want match with the kind of wedding you’ll have?

Say It With Flowers

Flowers talk. They have meanings. In fact, you can even plan your wedding around the flower of your choice. For example, if you or your spouse-to-be have Irish heritage, choose bells of Ireland. In flower speak, bells of Ireland means “good luck”.

Here are a few flowers with their meanings:

  • Allium means unity, humility or patience
  • Alstroemeria means wealth, prosperity or fortune
  • Ambrosia means “Your love is reciprocated”
  • Amaryllis Pride means splendid beauty or timidity
  • White Carnation means innocence or pure love
  • Hibiscus means delicate beauty
  • Ivy means fidelity, friendship and affection
  • White Lilac means youthful innocence, purity and modesty
  • Red Rose means love, respect and courage
  • Pink Rose means perfect happiness, gentility and grace
  • Deep Pink Rose means “Thank you”
  • Light Pink Rose means admiration
  • Yellow Rose means friendship, joy and happiness
  • Peach Rose means enthusiasm and desire
  • Violet means modesty, faithfulness and virtue
  • Blue Violet means “I’ll always be true”
  • White Violet means “Let’s take a chance on happiness”

Getting Help from a Florist

A florist can help you with your flower dilemma. However, when choosing a florist, you need to consider several things. The florist you choose must be someone who:

  • Knows how to listen to clients. You can get an idea if a florist is someone you’ll enjoy working with during your initial talks with her.
  • Can supply your the desired flowers.
  • Can work within your budget and still be creative.
  • Can find alternatives.
  • Has a good sense of color combinations.
  • Is punctual and keeps her word. You don’t want to have to walk down the aisle without your bouquet!

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