Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Parents of the Bride

If You’re the Parents of the Bride:

Traditionally, the parents of the bride speech (or father of the bride speech) is the first speech delivered at the reception. As the bride’s parents, you may decide to have one of you to deliver the speech (usually the father) or share in the delivery. Here’s a quick and easy outline for the parents of the bride speech:

  • As the first speech at the reception, you’ll set the tone. Begin your speech by sharing your thoughts about the wedding ceremony. You can also begin by sharing a funny, heartwarming or amusing incident that happened before the wedding.

  • Thank the guests for coming. If there are any guests who came from far places, acknowledge them by name and thank them for the trouble they’ve gone through to be with you on your daughter’s most special day. Thank also those who have helped make the wedding a success; the groom’s parents who may have contributed financially, the wedding officiant, catering staff and vendors.

  • Next, focus on your daughter. After all, it’s her wedding day. Share special and fond memories of your daughter with your guests. The parents of the bride speech is the most emotional among the wedding speeches so don’t worry if you end up being choked with emotion while delivering your speech. Your guests will understand your need to pause and compose yourself before continuing. Praise your daughter’s husband and welcome him into your family.

  • Lastly, give words of wisdom to your daughter and new son. This is the perfect time to share what you’ve learned from your own experience. Give them advice on married life.

  • End your speech by toasting to the couple’s happiness and good health.