Hungarian Weddings

The best man has a big role in a traditional Hungarian wedding. He must personally go to each guest’s house and invite the guest verbally to the wedding. He even has to arrange three days of wedding feast.

On her wedding day, the bride wears a very colorful dress that is intricately embroidered with a flower motif. She also wears a large headdress with woven wheat that symbolizes fertility.

The people escort the bride, who rides in a colorful cart, to the groom’s house. When the bride reaches her groom’s house, her future in-laws welcome her with a glass of wine, which she tosses so it will break. In place of wine, the groom’s family can welcome her with an egg on the floor. The couple also breaks plates and throws coins. These are some of the rituals they do to have a good luck in marriage.

In Hungry wedding must be civil to be considered legal. The couple signs their name on the registry book after a short ceremony. A civil wedding must have at least two witnesses. Some couples prefer to have a religious wedding after the civil wedding.

In a religious wedding, the bride and groom sit on a platform and listen to guests as they read poems, sing, share stories or wish them good luck. The couple will also switch the rings on their left fingers to their right during the wedding. The bride gives her groom gifts – three or seven handkerchiefs. The groom gives her bride gifts – a small bag of coins.

During the reception, most foods that are served are flavored with paprika. Hungarians believe paprika has magical properties. Gypsy music and violin are very popular at Hungarian wedding receptions. In the evening, there is a “money dance”. The male guests pay so they can dance with the bride. They will pin money on her dress or put it in her shoes.

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