The Perfect Wedding Ring Material

Wedding ring, a band to symbolize an endless circle of love and the commitment of marriage vows for the wedding couple is use in most marital ceremonies. To show the love and commitment that the couples have for one another, the ring is usually not taken down.

A married couple will wear their wedding ring for most of the time; this makes the wedding ring material a very important aspect to consider when choosing a suitable ring. Unless you do not have the budget to choose from a wide variety of rings with different material, it is good to have a basic understanding of the different type of material available and their pros and cons.

The most commonly use material is gold. One of the most important aspects with regards to gold is how many carats you want the ring to be. Gold is a very soft metal by itself. In its pure form known as twenty-four-carat gold, it can be bent easily and is thus not suitable for making jewelry. Therefore gold are commonly mix and hardened with copper, tin and bismuth. The concentration of alloy metals used in gold is measure in carats. The higher carats the gold is, the softer the material would be.

A general rule of thumb would be to use eighteen carat gold for wedding rings, as anything above that would be too soft, bent easily and is unsuitable for setting any precious stones. When using gold, make sure not to use too low a carat rating like nine or ten, as they tarnish and turns green or black easily. In short, eighteen carat gold is still the prefer rating nowadays that is both sturdy and of high quality. Be sure to request for it of you decided on a gold wedding ring.

Platinum, a stronger and more enduring material is getting more popular than ever. Platinum does not oxidize and can be used without worry by the person compare to gold that has higher chances of tarnish and smudges on the wearer�s finger.

There is also a trace of noble characteristics attach to it. In the 18th century, platinum’s rarity made King Louis XV of France declare it as the only metal fit for a king wear. It is more precious than gold and the price of platinum fluctuate with its availability on the market. Normally platinum will costs slightly less than twice the price of gold.

While most religious marital ceremonies accept a band of any material to symbolize the taking of marriage vows, it is important to get the most suitable one for yourself. After all, it is a ring of commitment that will follow you till old.