Wedding Favors – Myths & Traditions

Weddings are steeped in tradition. Some of the traditions come with well-documented facts and a scientific reasoning behind them. Others however, are the figment of some well-meaning aunt’s imagination, who was simply looking for some attention. Here are some myths and traditions related to wedding favors.

Myths About Wedding Favors

  • The first false notion that people harbor about wedding favors is that they have to give a wedding favor to every single one of their guests. That is so not true. Wedding favors are to be given at the discretion of the couple getting married. If your budget is tight, you could choose to give one favor per couple or family. A beautiful personalized ornament, bell or keepsake given to each family makes a wonderful wedding favor to remember your special day and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

  • Only expensive wedding favors are popular wedding favors. Again, not true. The truth is, the best wedding favors are those that make your guests think of you, that say something about you as a couple or that you have done yourself. Choosing a small wedding favor that reflects who you are is better than a $10 favor which your guests will not feel is a reflection of you.

  • Jordan almonds are popular wedding favors because they are so cheap. Again, not true at all. While Jordan almonds are fairly economical, their role goes back to ancient Europe. Sugared Jordan almonds were thought to symbolize the bittersweet nature of marriage and hence their popularity.

Wedding Favor Traditions

  • In Ireland, Welsh love spoons were traditionally give as wedding favors. Traditionally, a young man gave a girl a love spoon as an invitation to begin courting. Today, love spoons have become symbolic of romance and love. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones gave Welsh love spoons at their wedding.

  • Italy and Greece started the tradition of giving bomboniere at weddings and other occasions. Bomboniere are beautiful keepsakes given to guests as gifts. Five Jordan almonds coated with sugar are the traditional Italian bomboniere. The almonds represent health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness in the marriage.

  • The Victorians gave the herb rosemary as a wedding favor. Rosemary is the symbol of remembrance. It indicated to each guest that they were special and would never be forgotten.

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