Wedding Insurance – Protect Yourself, Be Insured

With the high cost involved in hiring professional vendors and the cost of the other components of your wedding, it is a very prudent idea to invest some cash into a good wedding insurance policy.

The question of whether or not to purchase a wedding insurance policy is one of personal preference. Some argue that it is just an added expense to an already high priced affair. However, studies show that the average middle class wedding in the United States is running in excess of $20,000 so the extra $100 to $150 this policy will cost you is a small investment indeed. There are any of a number of things that can go seriously wrong and postpone or completely stop the wedding so being protected financially for some of the money already put out can be a lifesaver.

One of the things that can happen to cause you to need the insurance would be weather. If you are planning an outdoor affair and it storms, you would need to reschedule the wedding for another day, which would require rehiring caterers and musicians and the like. Illness or injury can put a wedding on hold if one of the key players can not make it to the event. This would include your officiating officer not showing up to perform your marriage.

One of the biggest reasons to insure against loss through rescheduling would be if one of the major vendors doesn’t show up. Your caterer, the band or DJ performing your music or the official wedding photographer might have messed his schedule up and not remembered despite your reminding them, so a rescheduling and rehiring of these diverse elements would be covered in the insurance policy. Also, the venue you are holding the ceremony in may suffer an accident or fire and be unusable. You would need to reschedule in a new location and the policy will provide for the added fees.

Some other riders you may want to incorporate into a wedding insurance policy would be for sudden call to duty of a military person. Your gowns and tuxedos, whether you have purchased them or only rented them, are an investment that would be expensive to replace otherwise. You can get policies that will cover the wedding gifts and a liability policy to protect you against damages while at the wedding are also good things to look for in a wedding insurance policy.

Read the fine print closely and have an insurance consultant or family lawyer look over the policy to make sure it covers everything you need it to. This way you can plan the wedding with one worry taken from your list. No policy, however, will cover the bride or groom getting cold feet and running away instead of walking down the aisle.