Wedding Day Itinerary – Have a Plan for How the Day Will Go

Having a detailed itinerary to see that everything goes smoothly is a very important part of the overall success of your wedding celebration.

Your wedding day is a big event and there is a lot going on involving a great many people working toward the common goal of making it come out right. With caterers and musicians coming to work and guests from all over milling about, it is a prudent thing to have an itinerary of events to double-check throughout the day so that no important detail slips by unattended. If you are not sure of all that is going to have to be kept up with on this hectic day you an find free wedding plan guides online or at your florists or photographers office.

The basic plan for the day goes something similar to this. If you are going to have a mid-afternoon wedding, you should be up and about by 7 o’clock that morning. Eat a hearty breakfast, as you might not get another chance until the reception. Load up your vehicle with the gifts and things you will take to the wedding and make sure your suitcase is packed for the honeymoon.

By 9:30 or 10:00 you should be at the hairdressers getting your hairstyle and makeup done. Your bridesmaids should also be doing this so that you will all be ready to get to the ceremony area by noon. The florist should be getting there at about the same time so call them to confirm the appointment. Within a half hour the groom and his party should show up and be ready for the first round of formal wedding portrait photographs at around 1:00 o’clock. If anyone in the wedding party has not shown up by now, get on the phone and hurry them along as this first round of photographs should be completed by 2:30 in the afternoon. When the photographer is finished, the bride should retire to her dressing room and the ushers should start seating the guests.

By three o’clock the ceremony should be starting and within a half-hour or so, you should be now a married woman. Another round of official portrait photographs start again and this can go on till you head for the reception around 4. By five everyone should be at the reception hall and the newlyweds may enter and be announced. After that the first dances should be held with the wedding party seeing to it that the bride and groom and their parents have each been given their honors for the day. This will include the first dance for the couple, the father daughter dance and the groom and his mother dance. Toasts will be presented now and by seven o’clock, the party should be in full swing and the dance floor jumping.

Sometime around or a little after 8:00 p.m. the big sendoff comes around and everyone wishes the new couple happiness as they leave the party for their honeymoon.