Creating Your Wedding Registry

Receiving wedding gifts is a whole lot more fun when the gifts are of your choice. It is a good idea to create a wedding registry to help your guests choose a wedding gift that you like.

Most people find it difficult to choose a wedding gift for a couple. Worrying about things like whether the couple will like it, is it nice enough, do they need it, can it be exchanged and similar things can make the shopping expedition quite tiresome. You can make things easier for your guests by creating a wedding registry.

Not only do you make things easier for your guests by creating a wedding registry but also for yourself. You will receive only things you really want and you won’t end up with 6 of the same thing. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your wedding registry.

  1. Create your wedding registry with a store that has a wide variety of things. A large and popular store like Macys is a good option to create your wedding registry with.

  2. Let your guests know about your wedding registry at least 2 months in advance. If a guest has already bought you a gift, it is highly unlikely that she would buy another one from your wedding registry. Also, if the gift is not listed in your wedding registry it can put the guest in a spot.

  3. Ensure that you have gifts in your wedding registry from a wide price range. Choosing only high priced wedding gifts as part of your wedding registry could be considered to be in bad taste.

  4. Create a wedding registry with a store that allows you to merge the registry online and offline. This will make it easy for guests from out of town to shop for you.

  5. Ensure that your wedding registry includes items that can be easily shipped. While most guests are willing to spend on the wedding gift itself, if they have to pay extra for shipping and handling they may not be so excited about it.

  6. When creating your wedding registry make sure you specify your name as well as that of your spouse. Some guests may want personalize your gift and may need to know how to spell your names.

  7. Creating a wedding registry online has many benefits. The online wedding registry keeps track of who bought you what. Also, you can email thank you notes directly from the website.

  8. You can also create multiple wedding registries with different stores. However, be careful that the items you choose do not overlap since there is no way you can integrate different stores into one wedding registry.

Thus, creating a wedding registry is as easy as 1-2-3. In addition, it saves you and your guests a whole lot of trouble. So if you want to get wedding gifts of your choice, create your wedding registry today!

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