Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Groom

If You’re the Groom

Traditionally, the groom delivers his speech right after the bride’s parents deliver theirs. Here’s a quick and easy outline for the groom’s speech:

  • Thank your family and guests first, your wife’s parents for their support and contribution to your wedding; next, the guests for attending and witnessing the memorable event; third, your parents.

  • Thank the wedding party for their work. Acknowledge your best man, groomsmen and ring bearer. Share examples of how they contributed to your wedding. If your wife is going to give a speech, she’ll acknowledge her maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girl.

  • Thank your new wife, and don’t be afraid to give her loving words in front of your family and guests. Share how the two of you met and why you believe she’s the perfect woman for you. If there’s ever a perfect time to tell your bride how proud you are of her, this is it.

  • Traditionally, the groom ends his wedding speech by toasting the maid of honor and bridesmaids, but it’s more romantic to end it by kissing your bride in front of everyone.

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