Your Wedding Rehearsals – Practice Makes Perfect

It is vital to the smooth running of your wedding ceremony to have the people involved in the ceremony to get together and do a rehearsal before the show.

When an event as important as your wedding ceremony is containing a number of people, you really have to have at least one rehearsal so that everyone involved has a good idea of what is expected of them. There are several set plans for conducting a wedding rehearsal. The experts suggest that the first thing you do is to introduce the ushers to the key people they will be escorting. This includes the parents of the bride and groom especially. That way they will know who is who and where they go. After that you work with any of the children that may be part of the ceremony in the position of ring bearers or flower girls.

It may seem strange at first but the first part of the rehearsal is to practice the recessional. It becomes clear later why this is so. You start out by positioning everyone where they will be during the ceremony and them working with them on the proper sequence they will be leaving. Don’t let them scatter when they leave the room as they are now in the order that they will be entering at the beginning of the wedding.

This is when you begin to practice the entrance of the guests and seating of the parents followed by the entrance of the groom and officiating person. After that, you will have the flower girls and ring bearers come in and finally the bride and her party. Go through the ceremony at least once. While you might not want to entrust the rings to their keepers now, it is suggested you give them some costume jewelry ring so they will get the feel for the performance.

It is a double whammy at the rehearsal dinner. Not only can your party get their fill for their effort but you can practice the order of the reception toasts and special dances and songs that will be performed after the wedding ceremony itself.

Coordinating the rehearsal dinner is almost as complicated as the reception itself. Invitations need to be made and mailed and make sure the recipients know the difference between the rehearsal invitation and the wedding invitation. It is customary to offer gift favors to the members of the rehearsal party as well. To get the details of what the traditional order of events is, go online and there are many professionals who will clue you in on all the myriad details.