Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Maid of Honor

If You’re the Maid of Honor

Traditionally, the maid of honor does not give speeches. However, many weddings nowadays allow for the maid of honor to share her thoughts about the new couple and offer them her best wishes. When a maid of honor gives a speech, she usually delivers hers after speeches by the parents of the bride, groom and best man. If the parents of the groom will deliver a speech, then the maid of honor may deliver her speech before or after the groom’s parents speech. As the maid of honor, here’s an outline of what you can include in your speech:

  • Begin your speech by acknowledging the previous speaker. Thank those who helped decorate the reception, make wedding favors, delivered the wedding invitations and all the other small tasks. As a rule, you don’t need to mention the wedding officiant, caterer or other vendors because they would have been already acknowledged and thanked by the bride’s parents in their speech earlier.

  • Next, talk about your relationship with the bride. Like in the best man’s speech, you can keep your speech light hearted; tease the bride, share fond memories you had with her, share funny stories and experiences you had with her. Don’t mention anything you know she’d rather forget. Don’t reveal anything that will offend, hurt or humiliate her, her groom and her family.

  • Congratulate the groom, and compliment him on his choice of partner. Let him know you very much approve of your friend’s choice of a mate.

  • End your speech by offering a toast to the new couple.

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