Wedding Speech Tips If You’re the Best Man

Traditionally, the best man’s speech is delivered last, after the parents of the bride speech and groom’s speech. Because most weddings nowadays also include speeches by the groom’s parents, the maid of honor and the bride, the best man’s speech doesn’t necessarily have to be delivered the last. It can be delivered anytime, as long as it doesn’t precede the parents of the bride’s speech and the groom’s speech. Here’s a quick and easy outline for the best man’s speech:

  • Begin your speech by acknowledging the groom’s speech. Follow it up by thanking the newlyweds for including you and the rest of the wedding party in their special day. Don’t hold back on the compliments, flatter the couple, especially the bride, and be sincere about it!

  • You don’t really have to deliver a serious speech. In fact, as the best man, it’s your job to tell funny stories and embarrass the groom a bit. Keep your stories and revelations about the groom acceptable and appropriate, though. Keep in mind that while you can tell the guests embarrassing stories about the groom and some of his misadventures, try not to say anything that will humiliate him, distress his bride and offend their parents.

  • If there are letters or messages from people who are unable to attend the wedding, it’s your job as best man to read them.

  • End your speech by complimenting the new bride and offering a toast to the new couple.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.