Tips to Remember When It’s Your Turn to Give a Wedding Speech

The bride’s parents, the groom and the best man traditionally give wedding speeches. However, there is no rule that says others can’t give a wedding speech! The groom’s parents, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and even the bride herself can give a wedding speech.

You don’t have to be a professional speaker to give a wedding speech. In fact, the best speeches are those that come straight from the heart and express joy, hope and love.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when it’s your turn to give a wedding speech:

  • Focus your speech on the bride and groom. Don’t talk about yourself, talk about the newlyweds! Your speech should, above all, honor the new couple.

  • Keep your speech under 5 minutes. Three minutes is ideal, it’s not too long and not too short.

  • Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Time yourself so you’ll have an idea of how long you’ll speak. If it’s more than three minutes, pare it down.

  • If you ever feel nervous or blank out just as you’re about to deliver your speech, take a deep breath and look at the couple. Start with your most recent encounter with the couple or recall a funny story that involve the couple and you’re off. However, refrain from saying crude jokes or things that will make the couple uncomfortable.

  • If you’ve written down your speech, don’t read it in front of everyone as if you’re having a class recitation! Have cue cards or short notes instead.

  • Talk about the couple’s positive characteristics. Express how you feel about the couple, your wishes for them, your advice to them, your hopes for their future.

  • A wedding speech is a public toast to the couple. In fact, you can pull out all the emotional stops in your wedding speech. It’s a time when you can be emotional all you want in expressing your love, joy, pride and hope for the new couple. More than anything, a wedding speech is delivered to stir emotions. So don’t hesitate to share your feelings for the couple in public.

No matter how big or small your role is in the bride and groom’s wedding, you can give a wedding speech!

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.