Egyptian Weddings

A traditional Egyptian wedding is signaled by a procession of drums, dancers, and men brandishing flames and swords. This traditional wedding ceremony rarely takes place nowadays. Egyptians marry at a very young age, usually between 12 and 15 years old. Parents mostly arrange their marriages especially if the couple to be united has a political status. It is also normal for cousins or even siblings to marry each other. After negotiations, the wedding is planned and is to take place as soon as possible. The first chapter of the Koran is read after the agreement of the two parties and they will then decide the date of the wedding. When the wedding day comes, the couple to be wed must have at least two Muslim witnesses. The couple will sit face to face on the floor with their right thumbs against each other. A faq’h or a schooled Koran reader puts a handkerchief on the bride and groom’s hands and reads a passage. From hereon the bride and groom are joined and the bride is welcomed into the groom’s family and home.