Wedding Catering Tips – Question to Ask Your Catering Company

Catering for the wedding reception can be one of the most expensive parts of the celebration. So it is very important that consideration is given to every element. Here are some tips that should prove helpful as those choices are weighed. As you prepare for the upcoming wedding, planning the reception is crucial to a perfect ending for a perfect day. The vendors being used have come recommended, or references have been checked. There is no difference in choosing a caterer, they need to have references. Review the menu choices, taste the dishes, check the prices and talk to the list of references. A caterer can have the best food, but if they are repeatedly late showing up or serve the wrong foods, the day is ruined. Caterers normally have at least ten references, this is fairly standard in the industry, and all should be verified. Look to the most recent weddings and discuss the service, food, and overall rating of the caterer.

As with every large event, personalities can conflict, but you do not need that from the caterer. Interview the top choices from the catering list that have been chosen. After verifying the references, review the people themselves. Organized, calm, dependable caterers are what every bride is looking for. Insuring there are enough staff members to cover the reception is also key. Experience is something that stands out from a professional and watching how presentation is done can also give guidance for the choice.

Budget is of course something that plays a role in selection of any caterer, but you do not want to sacrifice quality. Many experienced caterers can make a simple menu both elegant and enhanced. The right decorations can turn something plan and ordinary into a beautiful display of food and fare. Talk to the caterer and work with them to adhere to the budget but still provide the dream you have for the reception.

Like with any vendor for the wedding there should be a contract in place for the caterer. Caterers should be licensed, insured and able to provide a copy of that policy for the customer. The contract should have guarantees in place for labor and food, as well it should cover all the details discussed for the reception that insure complete satisfaction. Contracts with all vendors are for customer protection, as well as vendor protection.

A list of questions that are recommended for your list of prospective caterers:

  • Can you please provide a list of references?
  • Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?
  • When is the final count and final payment due?
  • Does your company cater more than one event at a time?
  • Do you take both check and credit card?
  • Can you provide the wedding cake?
  • What is your pricing, and what does it include? Per person? Tips? Clean up? Linens? Bartending? Number of staff?
  • Will you come to the reception site and discuss layout, how the staff will be dressed, and time needed for set up and clean up?
  • Can you please provide a copy of your license and insurance coverage?

Your Wedding can be one of the most streesfulo and exciting days of your life. It is important to hire a great Wedding Catering Company to handle some of the pressure. Get more Wedding Tips at the Crystal Rose Catering Website.