Making The Guests At Your Wedding Active Participants

Your wedding is your special night, but it’s always good to keep everyone else in mind and making sure they are all having a good time.  Otherwise, the day can seem to go on forever.  Making an effort to keep your guests entertained and active participants in the night’s festivities can be the difference between having a great wedding and just having a wedding.  Having disposable cameras for people to take candid pictures, getting people on video, having them sign the wedding guestbook, and making time for some karaoke are great ways to get everyone involved.

Disposable Cameras for Candid Pictures

Surely, you plan to have a professional photographer on hand during your special day, capturing all the beautiful moments of the day in glorious deep focus and artsy poses.  If that’s the only way you have capturing each moment planned, you’re missing out on seeing the event through the eyes of your guests.  In order to get different points of view, have disposable cameras at a few tables so that your guests can take pictures of each other.  This can encourage interaction between people that usually don’t interact with each other and can lead to some great candid moments caught on camera.

Get them on Video

As with the still cameras, having a videographer on hand can be another great way to make your guests a part of the night.  When nothing important needs to be recorded, as everyone is having a good time, have the videographer take some testimonials of your guests.  This can be an opportunity for some to wish you and your new bride or groom the very best.  Of course, there is the line of congratulations that accompanies just about every traditional wedding, but this is an opportunity for your guests to feel like active participants in something that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Signing In

It’s possible that some of your guests don’t feel comfortable on camera, or perhaps they can express themselves better on paper than they can with a speech.  If that’s the case, then having a wedding guestbook can be a great way to give your guests an outlet to express their feelings for you on your wedding day.  Not only that, it can be a great memento of the day; so when you decide to take out the guest book on your fifteenth anniversary, you can reminisce about the great time you had and all the people that were there with you to celebrate.

Singing Out

If you have hired a band, they will need to take a break eventually.  If you hired a DJ, hearing the same prerecorded music you can hear on any radio station at any time of the day can get a bit dull.  To spice things up, lend some time during the reception to have your boldest guests belt out a few tunes with some karaoke.  It can be a fun way to wind down the night and to get everyone to loosen up a bit.  You never know what kind of mixed-up pairings will end up singing ballads together or which guest has the best singing voice.  It can be just another added piece of entertainment that would cost you virtually nothing. 

Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate with the people you care about the most.  Make sure everyone is having a good time and it can be a great one for everyone.

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